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Anti-entrapment compliance for drain covers.

Suction entrapment can happen to anyone regardless of age, health, or swimming prowess; however, children are more vulnerable as they tend to play near or sit on drain covers. In June 2002, seven-year-old Virginia Graeme Baker, granddaughter to former Secretary of State James Baker III, drowned as a result of suction entrapment in a hot tub while attending a graduation party. Ultimately, federal legislation known as the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (VGB), was signed into law in 2008 requiring safety vacuum release systems (SVRS) and anti-entrapment drain covers on specific types of commercial and municipal pools and spas. Since then, numerous municipalities and even some states have eyed legal remedies that would extend the application of VGB standards to residential pools and spas.

Please contact us to give you a quote on upgrading your drain covers and filing the necessary paperwork today!

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